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Baraat (Shaadi)

Event # 7
 (Shaadi) is when the bride's reception formally takes place. The event takes place at the bride's house where large wedding tents may be set up in the garden or a nearby place. It has also become very common to hold the event in a marriage hall or hotel. The bride's family is responsible for the reception and arrangements of the day.

The barat or grooms procession indicates the arrival of the groom's family and friends to the bride's house. The barat is often accompanied by the rhythms of a dhol (drum) as it arrives and is greeted with flowers and rose petals by the bride's family. It is customary for the bride's sisters and friends to stop the barat from entering the arena until a sufficient amount of cash is given to them. This can lead to bantering, but usually harmless and just for fun, between the bride's sisters and friends on one side and the groom's brothers and friends on the other side.

The bride traditionally wears a red,pink or purple gharara, lehenga which is heavily embroidered. However, other bright colors may also be worn. The dress is always accompanied with heavy gold jewellery. The groom may wear a traditional dress such as sherwani with a sehra orturban though some may prefer to wear a western inspired suit.
A dinner is served which consists of several dishes with meat featuring heavily in the meal. Some of the well represented dishes in a wedding meal include pullao, biryani, nihari, chargha, various forms of roasted lamb, various forms of kebabs, naan, shirmal, taftan ,falooda, kulfi etc. .

Welcoming the Groom

Example of the wedding stage

Another example

Another example of the wedding hall


 Some examples how brides look :)
Bride (example of the dress)

 Some of the food in the wedding

Falooda (Sweet)

Chicken Tikka

Mutton korma (Curry)

Bihari kebab


Kulfi (sweet)


Taftan (special bread)

Tandoor ki roti ( bread made in baken oven)

Videos (highlights of the wedding) got it from YouTube.

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