This blog Shades of Pakistan is created to show people different sides of Pakistan. I agree politically and financially, the country is going through tough times but people enjoy their lives on a daily basis. The blog is made to show different types of things in Pakistan which is often neglected by media and other people because of the stereotyping and labeling Pakistan as a terrorist country. 
With the help of this blog people can check out how typical Pakistani wedding is, typical food, Pakistani television industry, and rest of the other stuff.

Note: This blog is solely based on opinions, it is not meant to hurt someone’s feelings and opinions. The blog is created just to show how Pakistan is a beautiful country. The culture, food, and people are just amazing. It is not intended to discriminate among other cultures, people, or anything else from which people can be offended. The pictures  on the blog has no copyright issues, some are taken by me and rest are either of my friends and people I know or taken from the source Google.

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