Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dramas - Pakistani

Since my last post was about Weddings in Pakistan, this post is going to be about the Dramas and the television industry in Pakistan.

Pakistani dramas are watched by people around the globe. The dramas that are often made have human touch in it. There is always a lesson to be learned or a moral behind the story. Not only does it have a touch of realism but it is even simple with less bragging about the money, clothes or jewelry.
In recent years, Pakistani television industry has gotten a lot of fame. Below are some famous dramas of all the time.

I wont be talking about some old ones, will be talking what I have seen, and found. 

Mehndi (Henna)
It started it telecasting in June 2003, the dramas was about the life of four young women, all with their own set of marital problems. This drama had most versatile actors like Abid Ali, Humayun Saeed, Aijaz Aslam, Ayesha khan, Fiza Ali, Aminah Haq, and Adnan Siddiqui.

This drama was one of the finest dramas of that time and was appreciated by the local people and people living abroad.

Video of Mehndi (Henna) Drama Title Song

Azar ki Ayegi Baraat
It started telecasting in November 2009 and it was the comedy show about  weddings. So far this show has four seasons, first season named as Azar ki Ayegi Baraat.

This comedy based dramas had biggest names of Pakistani Media such as Javed Sheikh, Saba Hameed, Bushra Ansari, Samina Ahmed.

Video of the Azar ki Ayegi Baraat
Above Video is from the Episode One - If anyone wanna watch with subtitles here is the link

For now I will talk about these one. Stay tuned for the more exciting, hilarious, and romantic shows

Much Love

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