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Pakistani Weddings

Pakistani Weddings, People who don’t know where Pakistan is here is the till intro about Pakistan.

Pakistan, an Islamic country located in South Asia and greater Middle East. It has a great culture with rich customs.

A typical Pakistani wedding is great feast of fun, joys, and celebrations. It is celebrated with a great enthusiasm. A Pakistani wedding is followed by several pre-wedding customs and rituals.

Note: Some of the customs followed in Pakistani weddings have no foundation in Islam. However, the Pakistani culture has been adopted those ceremonies and traditions from the Hindu Culture because when India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh were one country some customs and rituals were adopted by Muslims from the Hindu culture.

Pakistani wedding has four important functions which are required for sure. There are rests of the functions associated with four important functions.

Acceptance of Proposal
Event 1: Mangni (Engagement)

Pre- Wedding Days
Event 2: Mayun
Event 3: Dholki
Event 4: Mehndi (girls side)
Event 5: Mehndi (boys side)

Wedding Day
Event 6: Nikkah
Event 7: Baraat 

Post Wedding
Event 8: Walima/ Reception

Next week there will be in depth about Main events and rest of the functions associated with it.
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Some examples how colourful it looks :)
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