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Last post was about the functions in the Pakistani Weddings. How from engagement to Shaadi (Wedding itself) the time, environment is really important for the bride and the groom because its for one lifetime event of their life.

To start with I will talk about the Event 1 which is Engagement. 


Engagement often called *Mangni* is a promise to marry, and also the period of time between proposal and marriage. It is a formal ceremony to promise to marry. It is usually a small or large ceremony depending on the bride's and groom's parents. It happens in the presence of the preferably close members and family but again it depends on the bride and groom. Rings, other jewellery items, and, sweets are exchanged between the would be bride and groom's families.

Back in days bride and groom were not seated together and the rings were used to placed on the bride's finger by the groom's mother or sister and vice versa, but during the years now, segregated functions have become rare and rings are usually exchanged between the couple. Prayers and blessings for the couple are recited and the wedding date is decided too. The event is usually organized by the bride's family which will include delicious food and sweets.

There are some families that may not undergo a formal engagement party. they would do other methods after verbal acceptance of proposal can include gifting the girl with clothes, jewellery or any other items from the family. The boy may also gift her with an item of his choosing. This marks the beginning of the waiting period, which could be a few weeks, or months or even years for the wedding day and events to come.

This is an example for an engagement dress to look alike. There are many different types of dresses choices a girl can like it all depends on the latest fashion, style and colour what the future bride wants.  There is no specific colour choice but usually bright colours are preferred.

Keep tuned for next post about the Mayun! 

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